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Free associations on Psychoanalysis applied to Music Improvisation: our vocabulary

If the idea that it is a inner calling then so be it - we all have to operate around that and plan meticulously then hope for all but assume nothing.

If it is about giving life to the formless then everything to an extent is ‘sullied’ existing within a worldly & courser (re)construction, an analogous artifice, a representation, a metaphor - The expression as opposed to the exact recreation of a dream.

We can only but provide structures that enable as much freedom, yet comprehensible form and allowance for synchronicity or ‘meaningful (philosophical ) improvisation’ as possible. Or at least some sort of comprehension. 

Perfectionism in creating exactly what is invisible as a motivation..

Be contemplative but focused - a design between philosophical and musical artistic experience.

A working open trust / a trust one works for, from & towards to fulfil and express the invisible (not one that justifies & disguises laziness).

Like a series of experiments that allow penicillin to be discovered. We are on the same journey, an artistic research / methodical / empirical one - whilst yet not knowing the outcomes.

The pre-sculpture notion of Michelango. Maieutics. (Like the journey of therapy)

Of course improvisation and synchronicity are intricately relatedly but also antonymous (opposite) or even not related at all.

Synchronicity is the simultaneous happenings of two or more elements that are not consequently related to each other (as in cause /effect), but analogically related. So in improvisation one has a certain note being played, and someone somewhere else is playing or doing something that is ‘related’ to it some how. Some how exactly “right’.

Meaningful coincidences transform the level of consciousness.

The jungian approach helps to have these experiences so one can evolve via the individuation. .

I would also question as to whether one makes ones likelihood for synchronicity, as in the way one can create ones luck or more fertile conditions for something to happen with in.. or perhaps not even ‘to happen’ but more about being able to be perceived. In effect to see what is was/always happening anyway.


The knowledge of the ineffable /invisible, but in the form of explaining of what is imperceptible for our physical and intellectually facilities.
We can only intuit these elements -

We want knowledge but on an experiential level, even though this knowledge has always been out there all time. Perhaps it only ever works that way as in . . .‘Oh, now I see it’. 

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