"The kindest move, for the music of the soul " 

This is a research on synchronicity.

It is our intent to understand how the universe can express itself through texts and art forms like music, dance, video art, photography, poetry. To achieve this a group of musicians will be chosen on the basis of having been met by the author of this proposal in coincidental situations.


This project is based on a number of ideas:

1) Books are a living entity - responding to the affirmation: this book arrived in my life when I needed it!
2) Artists can engage in dialogue with that entity and give voice to that invisible life through art.
3) Music, text, dance, and other art forms can be combined to express this dialogue.
4) To do that is necessary to be in a psychological and body state playing.
5) Improvisation provides that special state.
6) If the artist will choose a book from the shelves in the library to inspire their music or art form and they will open it to a random page to underline a phrase or image they choose from that page, they give voice to the entity.
7)That entity is the Universe and its language is the music, the words, the art.


The musicians, the artists are a tool for the Universe to express itself.

Inspired by the sentence or image, attuned to their own inner awareness and life journey they will express to the music and the technique of improvisation the immediate moment.

The aim of the project is they want to create a unique moment of the state of consciousness of the people involved and the spectators.


Doing it in order that the musicians, the artists can on that date, an equinox, can create ex novo - through the technique of improvisation, a new art piece, sounds or any unique artistic composition.

During the concert the artist can sing, read, or interpret the words they read to create this artwork.


The art work has a frame: the library. The Universe has to express. The books are the language, the words. The music, video art, poems are the manifestation. The international tour to other libraries (philosophic hermetic) around the world is the will of the Universe.