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"If we have books we have images, music, albums in history" 

Oene van Geel

"The kindest move, for the music of the soul " 


Violinist/composer Oene van Geel (1973 - The Netherlands) is a true adventurer in music. Influenced by jazz, Indian music, chamber music and free improvisation, he has applied his virtuoso improvisation skills and his composition talents to a wide scope of musical activities. He toured in Europe, India, Japan, the USA and Canada. 


Alfredo Genovesi

"A psychedelic sound, with repetitive hypnotic tones" 


Alfredo Genovesi, (1965 - UK) is an electronic guitarist , classical guitarist and composer. Improvisation -be it live or recorded – underpins the whole process of creation. It has willingly been this way for 25 years. Touring internationally, he is well known for his theatrical presence, words and deep listening abilities.





Valeria Pierdominici

"Listening the sound of words, expanding the imaging of biographies" 


Author and creative director of The Music of The Universe, Valeria Pierdominici (1973 - Italy) is a Psychotherapist, visual art critic and utopian conceptual artist. Applying syncronicity to Music and Improvisation is the aim of this future project.


Maryana Golovchenko

"The creative voice has to be descovered first, to be listened to" 


Freelance cultural entrepreneur, Maryana Golovchenko (1988 - Ukraina) is a festival maker and independent musician. 


Jacob Lekkerkerker

"Creating magic it's a spiritual sound, transgressively honest" 


Lekkerkerker (1975 - The Netherlands) studied art history , philosophy and organ.  In his work he is looking for new forms and mixes the classic organ sound with electronic sound , using electronics , turntables and DJ equipment . Jacob is the artistic director of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.

Sebastiaan Arciniega 

"First the feeling, the knowledge, the nuances and the images is running itself on it's own witnessing"


Filmaker (1982 - Mexico)


Daniela Carillo

"Research where philosophy and science meet. Doubt history: here is where the changes begin" 


Studied biology and antropology Daniela Carrillo  (1975 - Italy ) in her work is searching for new forms of using museas and library applying music and the arts to the changes brought by immigration to urban culture.

Hannibal Saad

"The musician travels the world to discover a cure. Being listened to, is the best medicine"


(1968 - Syria) studied physics , philosophy and engeneering. Hannibal is a music manager and festival artistic director. He works as an independent musician and cultural event producer with contacts and experience in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S 

George Dumitriu

"Observing the deepest sound, 

questioning life " 


George Dumitriu (1982 - Romania) is a guitarist, violist and violinist residing in Amsterdam. Graduate of the Bucharest National University of Music, he won more than 15 national and international prizes as a classical violinist. Guest  teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory and Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen.

Noortje Köhne

"Pure is music: 

vulnerable is the feeling of the here and now" 


Noortje Köhne (The Netherlands) graduated in 1997 as a violist from the Sweelink Conservatorium in Amsterdam. She has performed with various music ensembles, dance and theatre groups, such as Insomnia, ‘t Barre Land, Orkater, Scapino Ballet, The Metropole Orchestra, Lysn, Malte Schillers Red Balloon.


Marcos Baggiani

"Knowing what's right in the precise moment as it is happening" 


Musician, drummer, composer and producer. Marcos (1973 -  Argentina) moved to Amsterdam to study at the Conservatory, gaining an MA in Jazz. Complete artist on the Amsterdam scene, he is teaching workshops around the world on drumming and improvisation, and has coached bigband rhythm section rehearsals.

Josephine Bode

"Innovative performances are there to be discovered" 


Josephine (Germany - 1982) musical presence and voice are expressive and dinstinctive. 

She presents innovative concert programs and music-theater performances. She is a composer and coach for dance and music-theater works and many composers have written for her and her ensembles. Kim-José has a special warm use of sound: extremely courageous.

Hilary Jeffery

"The music in the emptiness of sound is profoundly channeled" 


Hilary Jeffery has been working as a musician since the early ’90s and describes himself as a “desert trombonist” after his journey to the Sahara.The sense of silent-space experienced during the  journey is a central and sustaining influence for his music. Sharing this experience, he is creating inner-space for listeners and fellow musicians to explore.

Kinga Asbóth

"Music is movement in the eyes of the Ego, it is spirit in the beat of the heart" 


Kinga (1990 - Hungary) photographer, studied Photography at Budai Rajziskola (BRI) and Psychology at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. She is in training with Erasmus project in Amsterdam under the supervision of Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Valeria Pierdominici.

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